DucoFlat 80 'SR'

DucoFlat 80 ZR

DucoFlat 80 'SR' series vents provide a completely flat appearance and have been specifically engineered for integration in the fixed and sliding panes of a sliding window or a sliding door.

Technical features
U - value 3 W/m²/K
Qv-ventilator - ventilation capacity [dm3/s per m1 at 1 Pa] 11,55 dm³/s
Dne,A open position 27 dB(A)
Dne,Atr open position 26 dB(A)
Watertightness in closed position 200 Pa
Windtightness in closed position 600 Pa
Glass reduction 80 mm
Ventilator height 95 mm
Kalfprofiel Transom profile 24 mm
Ventilator height glazed-in 95 mm
Ventilator height transom 105 mm
Standard control Standard control = handle 10 mm mm