Assets & Values

Discover here what DUCO advocates for each of its employees!

Assets & Values

Healthy mentality:
Health is an important topic for DUCO, literally and figuratively. Anyone at DUCO who starts a challenge with a fresh mentality shall have the opportunity to expand and develop in his or her position. You rapidly acquire your own responsibilities and as an innovator in the sector new challenges are constantly there to be seized.


As a leading player in the field of natural ventilation and solar shading systems DUCO is constantly striving for the highest quality. For the expansion and further development of the company DUCO is constantly seeking driven people who want to be part of a young and dynamic team that puts quality products on the market.


Internal communication:
Employees receive a regular and thorough briefing of what is going on in the company: how is DUCO faring in the world of ventilation, what are the prospects, what new products are in the pipeline?… With ‘DUCO on the move’ employees remain closely involved with all the goings-on in the company.


Evaluation and stimulation:
Using the annual appraisals the employer and the employee get the opportunity to evaluate their career within the company. New goals are set in order to stimulate an ongoing strive for innovation.


The different departments in the company - HR, IT, sales, accounts, R&D, production, marketing and sales - are in contact with one another on a daily basis. Proper communication is, therefore, essential for the company's smooth running. At DUCO, an employee is not a number. Thanks to diverse group activities throughout the year everyone knows each other and this fosters teamwork.

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