Couperus - Den Haag

Couperus - Den Haag

Three variants were selected for this project within the range of noise-reducing ventilation grilles.

The DucoMax "ZR" is a diffuser that is extremely suitable with regard to situations that have a heavy-duty noise load. Moreover, this noise-reducing ventilation grille can also be deployed perfectly for high-rise projects of up to 40 metres.

The MiniMax "ZR", a variant that can be used in situations where there is a light noise load, was installed invisibly as a compact lintel. This grille is, moreover, ideal in combination with the DucoMax "ZR" because both have the same internal appearance and have identical grille and integration heights.

With the FireMax "ZR", a noise-reducing AND fireproof ventilation grille was installed in Couperus. This grille scores excellently with regard to flame density, thermal insulation and stopping leaks.

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