High-rise residential buildings

Residential high-rise buildings

Natural ventilation and architectural solar shading

Residential high-rise buildings, located in noisy environments, face several challenges that can affect the quality of life for their occupants. Acoustic natural ventilation helps mitigate external noise whilst supplying fresh air into the building.

On the other hand, efficient solar shading, such as sliding panels or architectural louvres can significantly reduce solar heat gain within the building. This helps reducing the cooling load, leading to energy savings, lower utility costs and optimal indoor air quality.

Drone view of the high-rise residential building Bailey Point in London

Acoustic window vents suited for high-rise residential buildings

DUCO offers several acoustic vents to block external disturbing noises whilst at the same time providing fresh air into the building.

Disover DucoMax, SkyMax and SkyVent window vents: high performance acoustic vents, specifically developed for situations exposed to high levels of noise disturbance. 

Detail of the facade of the high-rise residential tower Bailey Point in London with DucoMax window vents


Bailey Point - London

Challenge: Curbing noise from outside to ensure students have a good night's sleep.

Solution: Installation of self regulating, acoustic vents, ensuring acoustic comfort through blocking of external noise.

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Mastering urban sound with acoustic facade louvres

As we all know, noise can be very disturbing. Pour acoustics can greatly affect functioning, such as increased heart rate, stress, headaches, etc. It is therefore all the more important to get the acoustics right, especially in buildings prone to high levels of noise disturbance, such as buildings located in busy city centres. 

Discover DucoGrille Acoustic window louvres and the DucoWall Acoustic louvre wall, fitted with sound-attenuating, non-combustible mineral wool on the inside. 


Architectural Solar Shading

To help reducing the cooling load and guaranteeing an optimal indoor climate, we also have various solar shading solutions such as folding and sliding panels and architectural louvres. These solar shading solutions can significantly reduce solar heat gain within the building.

Discover DucoSlide sliding panels, with wooden or aluminium louvre blades, incorporated in a robust frame (LuxFrame) or in a discreet side profile (SlimFrame).

High-rise residential building Watling Place in London with DucoSlide solar shading sliding panels


Watling Place - London

Challenge: Finding an effective solution for regulating solar heat and reducing the cooling load.

Solution: The open and closed DucoSlide sliding panels guarantee a reduction in the cooling load of up to 63% and a significant drop in temperature. By contrast, the louvre-blade pitch allows passive solar heating in the winter.

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Detail of the facade of the high-rise residential tower Faraday House in London with DucoSlide solar shading


Faraday House - London

Challenge: Uncontrolled and excessive sunlight can seriously disrupt the experience of comfort at the eight storey building Faraday House in London.

Solution: DucoSlide panels ensure an optimal indoor climate and quality comfort for its residents.

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