Installers - MEV and MVHR systems

Installers - MEV and MVHR systems

DUCO for HVAC installers

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As a ventilation expert, DUCO has everything you need for a high-quality residential ventilation system with mechanical extraction (MEV) or heat recovery (MVHR). From window ventilators to air ducting, including ventilation boxes and vents. We are your one-stop shop for a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate in houses and flat blocks. 

On this page you will find all the support you need before, during and after the installation of a DucoBox ventilation system.


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Making quotations

Would you like to compile the complete material requirements for your ventilation project? This can be done easily and quickly via tools such as our catalogue with price list and sample configurations per reduction factor.

Or contact our study service to create layout plans for ventilation ducts.

Do you need a layout plan or material requirements?
Send your project to our study service

Download the catalogue (price list)



Purchasing products & materials

Looking for a DUCO ventilation distributor? Check out the wholesalers you can go to for purchasing your entire equipment needs.

Map of United Kingdom and Ireland with DucoBox ventilation system

Distributors DUCO ventilation

Contact us via the form and we will provide you with the details of your nearest sales point.


Installation & calibration

Smart product features and useful tools such as the Duco Installation App and instruction videos make adjusting and securing the correct flow rates a lot easier. This will save you a lot of time!

Moreover, each ventilation box is provided with a unique QR code so that you can easily find all necessary documentation and installation instructions even on site. Or contact the helpdesk if you need technical support .

Duco Installation App - Adjusting DucoBox via your smartphone with the Duco Installation Kit (webshop)

Call the helpdesk for technical advice & questions

Installer installs a DucoBox ventilation system

Instructional videos on installation & maintenance

  • Short technical videos
  • Step by step instructions
  • Installing and adjusting or replacing components


Warranty & service

Do not forget to register installed DucoBoxes in time to benefit fromextended warranty conditions.

It is even easier to use the Duco Installation App for calibration. That way, you automatically get an extra year's warranty. In addition, you can more easily read error messages and perform software updates during interventions.

Do you have a complaint or need any technical assistance?

Download a handy flow chart of the complete after sales procedure

All about DUCO warranty


DucoBox MEV system with warranty icon

DucoBox warranty registration

  • More extensive warranty conditions
  • 1 year extra warranty after delivery & DucoBox registration

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