Villa Oeselgem (BE)

The comfort of the occupants in this beautiful villa is taken to the next level thanks to DUCO's demand-controlled ventilation system combined with aesthetic outdoor solar shading. 

Villa Oeselgem (BE)

A poetic interaction of ventilation and solar shading in beautiful villa

Nearly zero energy homes are becoming the prevailing norm. Thanks to the close collaboration between architectural firm ID-Architecten, installation company Thimaco and ventilation specialist DUCO, these NZE homes meet the strict regulations concerning E-level. The comfort of the occupants in this beautiful villa is taken to the next level thanks to DUCO's demand-controlled ventilation system combined with aesthetic outdoor solar shading. We can also describe this as an excellent example of a ‘DUCO at Home’ total solution.

On the corner of a street in the small West Flemish village of Oeselgem, nestled on the border with East Flanders along the River Lys, you will come across this charming villa. It is a modern and compact newbuild home, created through a good collaboration between various parties. ‘Thanks to a close partnership, based on the experience and expertise of installation company Thimaco, ventilation and sun protection specialist DUCO and our firm of architects Declerck & Partners, a really impressive building has been produced,’ says Michiel Allegaert, architect at the aforementioned firm.

Interaction between ventilation and solar shading

‘First of all, the client asked us to design a sleek and modern home,’ explains Allegaert. ‘For me, ‘a square box’ was, however, out of the question,’ laughs client Vincent Tack. ‘The form was therefore adapted to requirements. The interior actually formed the exterior of the home, which resulted in a composition of volumes,’ says Allegaert.

‘After we had received the EPB report, we contacted DUCO,’ Allegaert continues. ‘We asked them to do both the ventilation and solar shading, as we would be able to dovetail everything if we had a total package. We also really liked the aesthetic qualities of DUCO's products. On top of this, DUCO's contact was easy to get hold of, which is obviously very useful during the building process. Having our own research department meant we were able to come up with solutions that fitted in perfectly with these new energy-efficient homes.’

Exterior solar shading to prevent overheating

These solutions were partly based on the wishes of the occupants. ‘From the very start we had asked for large glass sections,’ explains Tack. ‘That way, we could not only stay in touch with the surroundings but also enjoy the large amount of light coming in.

The sun is not always your friend. In addition to light the sun gives off heat, which can be very annoying. In order to prevent overheating, the DucoScreen Front 150 was installed in a stormproof FIX model: a motorised external solar shading system with sleek textile cloth.

The solar shading system was concealed in the cavity, a good aesthetic solution. In addition, the solar shading reduces the cooling load to 63 %. ‘We are very satisfied with this system, and have used it virtually every day over the last few months,’ says Tack. ‘In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the solar shading has also proven to have a practical function which we enjoy every day. What's more, it is controlled via the domotics system, which is very simple to use.’

Smart and energy-efficient ventilation

Solar shading is one thing, but ventilation is a different kettle of fish. This modern home is, after all, thoroughly insulated and highly airtight. So in order to ensure a pleasant indoor climate within this NZE home, an efficient ventilation system was necessary.

‘The choice of a DucoTronic Plus System was a logical one,’ continues Dirk Stevens, Sales Manager at DUCO. The natural ventilation system DucoTronic Plus System consists of an electronic supply via TronicTop 60 and ClimaTop 60 and mechanical extraction via the smart ventilation box DucoBox Focus. ‘As the supply is carried out separately in each dry room, a reduction factor of 0.35 is achieved. The lower the reduction factor, the lower the E-level, which in this NZE scenario contributes to a great end result.’

Within this ventilation system there are electronic TronicTop 60 and ClimaTop 60 window ventilators. The latter window ventilators are located in the living room. They preheat the outside air, whenever the outside temperature is below 12 °C and/or when the CO2 level in the room is too high. ‘A standard C system normally leads to cold air entering the home,’ explains Allegaert. ‘The home unintentionally cools as a result and extra heating is required to compensate for this. These window ventilators with preheating remedy this problem and ensure there is always a pleasant indoor climate and maximum comfort in the living room, without the residents having to put up with any drafts.’

‘This improves the thermal comfort during the cold winter months,’ adds Stevens. ‘This ventilation system also provides a great advantage in terms of EPB. The home is monitored using CO2 measurements. If there is a threat to the indoor climate, the integrated humidity and/or CO2 control valves of the DucoBox Focus automatically extract the stale air. In other words: ventilation only occurs when and where it is needed as well as in the right amount. As soon as the indoor climate is optimal once more, the control valves close automatically. This avoids unnecessary energy wastage.’

Installation-friendly ventilation system

After all the necessary decisions had been taken regarding the ventilation system and the solar shading, the installer was called in. Installer Geert Laverge from installation company Thimaco also looks back with satisfaction at the collaboration: ‘The installation of the DucoBox Focus and the collaboration with DUCO went very smoothly. DUCO provided the necessary help with the quotation as well as with the fitting. The staff came along personally to read in the ventilation unit. This gets the installation up and running smoothly and I don't lose any unnecessary time.’

Ventilation and solar shading clearly go hand in hand in this DUCO at Home tale. ‘We continue to enjoy an optimal indoor climate every day. The expertise and professional approach of all parties has led to a splendid total solution,’ announces a satisfied occupant Vincent Tack.