Data Centre Ventilation

When designing data centres, the overheating, caused by high levels of heat released by the servers in the building, need to be considered. DUCO can help in providing high-tech ventilation solutions to ensure data centres are optimally ventilated.

Data Centre Ventilation

Data Centre Ventilation Solutions

Data centres and server halls require a particular approach. The building needs to be well-ventilated due to the heat accumulation inside, but also protected from prying eyes and intruders.

This means you are looking into efficient, high-end acoustic ventilation and solar shading to prevent overheating of the internal space and keep noise pollution at bay. This way, energy consumption is reduced considerably.


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Intensive ventilation - Noise reductionSecurity & PrivacyStructural solar shading

Data Centre Ventilation - overview of the various DUCO solutions

 DUCO offers a wide range of ventilation and shading products tailored to each data centre's needs. Take a look at this in-dept case study with the challenges, solutions and results. 



Rooftop with DUCO screening to contain the noise pollution for the environment


Natural and intensive ventilation

A constant indoor temperature and round-the-clock airflow is crucial in data centres or server rooms and quite the challenge. By combining DUCO ventilation solutions, you create a natural high airflow suited to your project's needs. This prevents overheating of data centre equipment. 

Choose from a wide range of high performance products to maintain controlled airflows, such as:

  • Weather resistant screening and louvres (DucoWall)
  • Nightcooling (NightVent)
  • Dampers (DucoGrille Close)
  • Transfer grilles for doors and walls
  • Roof turrets to conceal air vents
  • Sound absorbing and self-regulating window ventilation 


detail of the DucoWall louvres with absorptive material inside


Acoustic noise control

Data centre ventilation requirements also include the necessary acoustic solutions to reduce noise pollution for both internal offices as well as external surrounding areas. Heavy server equipment and generators produce a great amount of noise and buzzing, which means an accoustic barrier is needed, without losing too much airflow. 

Our DucoWall acoustic louvre walls and sound-absorbing window vents have been designed to control noise pollution by minimising the sound whilst maximising the airflow to the equipment inside. The louvre blades are filled with non-flammable mineral wool.


Extra security through robust screening DucoWall


High security level

Ensure the privacy of the building and reduce visibility of unsightly plant machinery by using DUCO Louvre Wall Screening or structural solar shading. They provide a visible screen whilst still maintaining a natural airflow and keeping intruders out.

DucoDoor provides access to the server halls and technical areas without drawing to much attention. The design of the louvres matches seamlessly with the louvred walls or screening. Our patented and innovative intrusion-resistant solution increases security and shields open plant equipement from view.

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project with DucoSun Qubic structural solar shading


Architectural Solar Shading

Solar shading blocks part of the sun's rays meaning less of the sun's heat penetrates the building through windows or entrances. This also means less ventilation is needed to keep the inside temperature to a constant level on hot summer days. By choosing shading louvres with acoustically absorbent material inside, you can kill two birds with one stone.


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DucoGrille Close

Fully closeable, manual or electronic.

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