The Duco CO2 System & the Duco Comfort System set the standard for domestic ventilation. Those two Demand-Controlled Natural Ventilation Systems (VNV) are simple and quick to install, and are the ultimate guarantee for a healthy indoor climate!


Customised Demand-Controlled Natural Ventilation (VNV)

DUCO's (VNV) consist of modular components, enabling a vast choice when it comes to assembling each ventilation system precisely in accordance with the occupant's wishes. Choose between CO2 or moisture measurement via the new aesthetically pleasing sensors or via fully integrated valves in the air exhaust box which can be fitted with a sensor for measurement IN the air flow. Air extraction can be regulated in this way per zone for optimum energy saving, for new buildings and also renovations!

Consequently, the different systems were developed all with one and the same purpose: a healthy & comfortable indoor climate!

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