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Case Studies

The Pastures-Essex

The Pastures, a modern student accommodation in Colchester, prioritizes safety and comfort with DUCO Barrier Load Louvres. These louvres provide optimal airflow and eliminate the risk of falling from height, ensuring a well-ventilated living environment for students.

Data Centres-London

Data centre facilities require a delicate balance: efficient ventilation to combat heat accumulation while ensuring robust protection against intrusion and unauthorized access. DUCO can help to make a bespoke ventilation and screening solution, specifically for data centres.

Luton DART - Luton

To provide adequate ventilation at the Luton DART terminal, where all travellers congregate, DUCO was called in.


In the bustling landscape of Spitalfields Market, the quest for optimal indoor climate management led to a collaboration with DUCO for their groundbreaking continuous louvre wall system and architectural sun control system.


The North Devon Enterprise Centre in county Devon was constructed using sustainable materials and techniques. DUCO also played a role in this with its intensive ventilation techniques.


Price Engineered Solutions, renowned for their leadership in supplying heating and ventilation components for key projects across the UK, recommended to the architects of the Sancroft office building to work with DUCO for the installation of intensive ventilation.

Optimist Residence-Bredene (BE)

Optimist Residence the Flemisch coastal townBredene chooses ventilation systems featuring heat recovery from DUCO.

Catherine House-Portsmouth

Excellent ventilation combined with excellent acoustics are an absolute must in student accommodation. But how to obtain this?

Asterias - De Panne

Asterias in De Panne is a fine example of an apartment complex whose modern look brings a fresh touch to the neighbourhood. DUCO was called in to install an energy-efficient and comprehensive ventilation solution.

La BoTTega - Zelzate

La BoTTega, the prestigious project by Strak project and Sofie Ooms Architects can safely be called a unique Zelzate showpiece. Located on the renovated and green bus square, the 18 apartments boast open and bright views. Work started in early 2021 and the project was completed by the end of May 2023.

Aubry Papier - Tubize

The Tubize (Tubeke) company Aubry Papier, which specializes in selling, cutting and processing packaging and inserts for industrial use, decided to fit their façade with DucoSun Wing solar shading.


FortyFour is a fashion shop for him and her, located on the entire ground floor of a contemporary architectural building. DUCO was pleased to contribute to the realisation of this gem of architectural creativity and functionality.

The Gate Sheffield | A Good night's sleep for students - Thanks to noise-absorbing Window Ventilation

The installed DucoMax sound attenuating window ventilator makes a major contribution to the healthy indoor climate of this modern student accommodation.


Youston, a leading archive storage and records management specialist, developed a new building to accommodate their steady growth. DUCO was called in for the cladding of the new office building.


The Suikerpark includes some 70 apartments in the Suikertorens tower. A number of sustainable technologies were used in the realisation of the project. DUCO ensured that residents experience natural, pleasant ventilation indoors.

The Green - Nieuwpoort

To guarantee a healthy indoor climate in the new building project The Green, the energy-efficient MVHR DucoBox Energy Comfort was chosen.

DUCO New building - Veurne

To provide the new office part of the DUCO building with an optimal indoor climate for its employees, no effort was spared.

Ceratec - Komen-Waasten

In order to provide the Ceratec building in Komen-Waasten with the necessary cooling and ventilation, no fewer than 8 DucoGrille NightVent ventilation hatches were installed on the façade.

Head office H.Essers - Genk

Logistics service provider H.Essers continues to grow. To secure its future, the Limburg family business decided to build a new head office.

London Square Bermondsey - South-East London

To clad the façade of the London Square Bermondsey, it was decided to use DucoSlide BiFold architectural external solar shading.

Faraday House - London

Perforated sliding panels animate the facade of Faraday House in London. 

Watling Place - London | Architectural solar shading for London apartment block

DUCO Ventilation & Sun Control provides residents with a pleasant indoor climate and the ultimate in living comfort via use of architectural solar shading. 

Fulham Reach - Hammersmith

An award-winning development with architectural solar shading. 

Tower Wharf Liverpool

The new Tower Warf building in Liverpool is the start of the new enterprise zone of the Wirral water regeneration project.

Sky - Leeds Dock

The architectural sun control DucoSun Ellips 200 mm, supplied by Contrasol, ensure the maximum amount of diffuse daylight.

Laidlaw Library - Leeds

DUCO’s solar shading combines functionality with aesthetics at the University of Leeds' new library.

The Lexicon - Bracknell

The Lexicon completely revitalises Bracknell town centre. The new shopping centre has been equipped with louvre walls and doors. 

Point of View - Nieuwegein (NL)

A new impressive residential tower block has sprung up in the heart of Nieuwegein. Point of View, a residential tower block with 48 owner-occupied homes and underground parking is to be found a stone’s throw from the City Plaza shopping centre. 

Van Marcke - Kortrijk (BE)

Architectural solar shading reduces the cooling load of the Van Marcke distribution centre and office building. 

Villa - Hoeilaart (BE)

This efficient solar shading system of the type DucoSun Cubic ensures, in a natural and energy-efficient way, that the sun's rays do not get the chance to warm up the building, without the loss of daylight.

DCM - Grobbendonk (BE)

Dynamic in form and finish; DCM’s head office exudes these qualities.

DijleDelta - the city of Leuven (BE)

The vertical placement of the solar shading system is intended to break the horizontal lines of the structure. 

EnergyVille - Genk (BE)

A nice example of technique in combination with architecture.

Primary School Richterswil-Samstagern - Richterswil

With the renovation and construction of the 2 upper floors in the school building, the Louvre Wall DucoWall Screening, a sturdy aluminium louvre-wall system from the company DUCO Ventilation and Sun Control, was chosen to cover the facade.

Skyfall - De Panne (BE)

Modern new-build apartments with great attention for living comfort thanks to the DucoTronicSystem ventilation system.

The State residential tower block (NL)

The demand for new build in large cities is increasing at an explosive rate while the available open space becomes scarcer. As a result, ever more projects are being forced to move to noise-sensitive locations.

Student accommodation Fallowfield - Manchester

The architectural sun control DucoSun Ellips 200 mm, supplied by Contrasol, was chosen for the Fallowfield Campus. 

Jheronimustoren - Den Bosch (NL)

The 75-metre-high residential tower illustrates like no other how the indoor climate can also be raised to a higher level in high-rise buildings.

De Spakler - Amsterdam (NL)

The Netherlands’ first energy-neutral residential tower block boasts a distinct DUCO signature.

Polaris residential tower block - Groningen (NL)

The Polaris residential tower block illustrates uniquely how the indoor climate can be raised to a higher level in a high-rise building as well.

Lancaster Circus - Birmingham

Noise absorbing window vents for student housing project.

Kop Duin - Almere (NL)

In just a few years, Duin has become a unique place in the Netherlands where living, working and recreation come together in harmony in one place. Smart demand-controlled mechanical ventilation unit with heat recovery was also a must.

Woning Dekeersschieter - Diksmuide (BE)

Acoustic comfort combined with energy efficiency are the strengths of this house thanks to DUCO's demand-controlled ventilation.

Carlos in Huis - Deventer (NL)

A luxurious living space with attention to a healthy indoor climate.

Bailey Point-Bournemouth

Student house provider YUGO understood the importance of a healthy indoor climate when they decided to install the DucoMax acoustic window vents in the student house Bailey Point in Bournemouth.


This case study shows how the DUCO louvre wall system met key performance and construction needs while improving the building's appearance.

Hotel Yotel – Manchester

To carry through innovation and creativity into the Hotel Yotel's façade and at the same time stimulate the experience of comfort indoors, it was decided to install DucoSun Linear 200 louvres on the façade.

Moxy Hotel - Stratford

During an extensive renovation of the facade of the Moxy Hotel in Stratford, it was decided to install the DucoSun 100 C-shaped louvre blades. 

TIQ - Stratford

TIQ stands for The International Quarter and covers a dynamic business area, called IQL. The façade of the TIQ buildings is covered with DucoWall Classic 20V glazed-in louvres.


Duthoo - Zwevegem

DucoSun Cubic Design louvre blades ensure a pleasant indoor climate in the Duthoo headquarters.

Sliding panels offer maximum privacy to B&B guests

To create a pleasant indoor climate for the guests, the architects consciously chose DucoSlide architectural sliding panels.

Barnhouse - Boxtel

The aluminium sliding panels are reminiscent of the sliding doors on traditional barns.

Sterea - Sterrebeek (BE)

Architectural solar shading rounds off Sterea hybrid residential development

Gelukkige Haard office - Ostend

The DucoSlide LuxFrame XXL solar shading system can cope with heights of up to 6 metres. An application of this can be found in an office building in Ostend.

Elzendaalcollege - Boxmeer

Ventilation and solar shading were an important aspect in Elzendaalcollege, whereby DUCO with GlasMax and DucoTwin 120 CAP could offer a ready answer.

Villa Oeselgem (BE)

We can describe this project as an excellent example of a ‘DUCO at Home’ total solution. 

The Neel primary school - Maasniel

A contemporary take on architecture, but with a clear nod to nature.

Lapeirre show house - Nevele

DucoSlide lends dynamic character to façade of inspirational show house.

Atheneum Pegasus - Ostend (Belgium)

DUCO contributes to the building of an educational gem with DucoSun Ellips.

Apartment block - Sint-Niklaas

Top-drawer architectural masterpiece offers a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate!

De Amazones - Den Bosch

With explicit elegance and the health of its occupants as the starting point, the three tower blocks stand out clearly in Den Bosch.

Power Solutions - Wijnegem (Belgium)

DUCO supplies façade cladding for impressive office building in Antwerp.

Margaretha Complex - Kampen

Ventilation and solar shading combined in one product for the Margaretha residential care complex.

Vereenooghe - Roeselare

DUCO provided Mercedes Vereenooghe - Roeselare of a real eye-catcher. The architectural sun protection is an essential part of the design and immediately catches the eye.

Iris Hospital - Brussels

Architectural solar shading for Iris Hospitals’ ‘New-Tech’ campus in Brussels.

Livingstone - Brussels

DUCO's architectural solar shading brings Livingstone's façade to life

XL Boom - Wijnegem

DUCO's architectural solar shading system creates a playful effect

Schlangenhaus - Fürstenfeldbruck (DE)

Living in tranquillity, comfort and luxury in a city centre is not merely a utopian dream.

Les Passerelles - Annecy (FR)

DUCO fits out an entire eco-district with DucoSlide sliding panels.

Blok 59 De Strijp - Eindhoven

Blok 59 meets the high demands for durability and comfort thanks to the application of demand-driven ventilation in all homes.

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