30 years of Oxygen

30 years of Oxygen

This week, DUCO Ventilation & Sun Control in Veurne celebrates its 30th anniversary. To be exact, the company started production on 18 March 1991 with a workforce of seven. Since then, the ventilation specialist has undergone massive growth. Not only are there now around 240 employees, the company infrastructure is also continually being expanded to be able to accommodate the continued growth. No large-scale festivities have been possible yet but CEO Luc Renson did not intend to let the occasion pass without a mention.

As an integral part of the West Flanders business landscape, DUCO is a permanent feature of the Westhoek. Begun in 1991 in Nieuwpoort, the company has evolved into a leading European player whose employees are passionate about creating ventilation systems for a healthy indoor climate day in, day out. For thirty years DUCO has been ensuring a healthy indoor climate in homes, apartments, schools, offices and care centres. The company exports 85% of its sales volume with all production located at the 10-hectare production site in Veurne.

3 million homes full of oxygen

In its first year of operations, DUCO provided 800 households with oxygen. 30 years later, the ventilation and solar shading specialist has provided more than 3 million homes with a healthy indoor climate. A unique achievement which, according to the CEO, was not possible without a strong DUCO team, loyal DUCO dealers and satisfied customers. The 30-strong R&D team is also constantly striving for sustainable and innovative ventilation and solar shading concepts. “Thanks to this ambition and go-getter mentality we are well-positioned for a healthy and green future,” beams the West Flanders-based businessman.

New offices

From this summer, DUCO will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in a brand-new office complex. The structural external solar shading with rectangular louvre blades makes the new offices an absolute eyecatcher along the E40 motorway. Furthermore, the new site serves as an excellent advert for the Belgian ventilation specialist, highlighting what it can offer in the area of sustainable ventilation technology with smart, natural ventilation combined with intensive night ventilation. As well as demonstrating how a healthy indoor climate can be created in a natural way for all employees without the use of energy-guzzling air-conditioning systems. The 7,500m2 office space, in turn, facilitate the continued growth of the DUCO team. In order to create every opportunity for further growth of the company, DUCO is looking to hire 30 new staff.