With World of Oxygen, Duco puts the importance of Indoor Air Quality in the spotlight

With World of Oxygen, Duco puts the importance of Indoor Air Quality in the spotlight

‘World of Oxygen – A story about Indoor Air Quality’. Such is the title of the surprising corporate video produced by Duco Ventilation & Sun Control. And it does not just stop at the film’s release because, along with this corporate video, the company also has a brand-new web interface where you can step into Emma’s world. It is called ‘Welcome to my World of Oxygen’.

‘Over the past few months climate has been at the centre of attention,’ says Hendrik Dejonghe, marketing manager at Duco. ‘Both in the written and spoken media and also during discussions at the dining table at home or at school.’ This has meant that the indoor climate has tended rather to disappear into the background. ‘Entirely unjustified,’ according to Dejonghe, ‘certainly given that we spend nine times longer inside than outside.’

The fresh new film which takes the viewer on a journey, therefore, has a clear message: think about your lives indoors and spend your time in rooms which can breathe by means of high-quality ventilation and solar shading systems.

Emma’s World of Oxygen

The story is told through the eyes of Emma, a little girl who, like every other child, belongs to the generation that spends the majority of their time within four walls.

‘Nothing wrong with that, you might think, but when you know that indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than the outside air it is time to sound the alarm bell,’ asserts Dejonghe. ‘We want people to be increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy indoor climate and for them to take responsibility in particular. The positive effects of fresh air are endless, as are, regrettably also, the negative consequences of unhealthy, stale indoor air. For example, tiredness, reduced productivity, allergies, increased risk of asthma ...’

The why

Since 1991, Duco has put the occupant at the centre of all its developments in the field of ventilation and solar shading systems. ‘Our DNA comprises taking account of the following pillars with each new development: ‘health’, ‘energy efficiency’ and ‘comfort’,’ according to Dejonghe. ‘This is how you create an optimum indoor climate for every occupant. And this is precisely our mission.’

‘Furthermore, we are currently working on international expansion,’ concludes Dejonghe. ‘So, it was high time to put Duco’s vision clearly in the spotlight. And what better way than with a corporate video.’

Go to www.worldofoxygen.com, enter the ‘World of Oxygen’ and discover Emma’s story ‘A story about indoor air quality’. A whole new world will certainly open up to you.