Duco launches new Architectural Sun control brochure

Duco launches new Architectural Sun control brochure

When you are looking for inspiration and advice in solar control we think the new Duco Architectural sun control brochure  will help you. For 25 years Duco have been recognised across Europe as a leader in the field of brise soleil and solar shading.  New product launches and a desire from our customers for more information have led us to re-vamp our brochure.

Inside, you will find the different designs of solar shading systems which should be able to guide you to the best solutions. Whether it is the classic aerofoil section or one of the newer styles you chose, you will find pictures and diagrams to make your path clear. Solar gain is one of the biggest problems we can face when designing energy efficient buildings that are also light and airy and Duco is here to help you.

Another product area covered is sliding shutter systems. The ability to provide sun shading and privacy in one simple product makes this great for so many situations. It could be protecting urban residential developments from over heating and overlooking buildings. It could be to provide a movable screen for large glazed areas in offices or high end houses. These shutters have also found favour for screening balcony areas to give protected outside areas for flats.

More information?

We are able to provide the brochure in digital download form here. You can also contact your local regional technical support contact for further advice! We at Duco like to think that we have a solution for every project.