RIBA approved CPD for architects and engineers

RIBA approved CPD for architects and engineers

So many specifications that we see ask for 50% free area. The fact that this is so often used tells us that it is a convenient benchmark in the use of louvres and grilles. Of course this does lead to two important questions. First, what is meant by 50% free area? We are often surprised by how many people misinterpret the meaning. Secondly, is percentage free area the best way to specify and measure performance.

The Duco RIBA approved CPD looks at both of the questions above. After attending our seminar, architects and engineers alike tell us that they have gained some new insights into to use of simple grilles and louvre walls. Like all subjects, ventilation has many different aspects and a simplistic approach can often not provide the best result. The building regulations give solid guidance on what is needed in terms of venting but it can sometimes be difficult to assess the full requirement and to be confident that you really are providing effective ventilation.

So, from the simplest trickle venting through to mass air movement, this CPD looks to offer an insight into the basic needs and solutions. It highlights how louvres with similar percentage free areas can give 30% difference in airflow. It offers guidance on the question, How much air does my building need? 

If your buildings are using ventilation then you could gain from our approved CPD  “Key issues for effective ventilation”. The seminars last about an hour including time for questions, so often companies request that we present over a lunchtime.

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