Solar shading

External solar shading not only keeps the sun's heat out, but also guarantees a 63% reduction in the cooling load if used together with intensive night ventilation. These two solutions combined are therefore a natural way of ensuring that a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate can be established in any building.

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Solar shading

Architectural sun control

Architectural solar shading not only keep the sun's heat out but also provides additional radiation thanks to the interplay with the façade.

Why solar shading?

It's no superfluous luxury to set up a 'line of defence' to prevent the indoor climate from rapidly becoming unpleasant due to sun's heat.

Outdoor solar shading, however, requires specific attention to finding the optimum balance between sufficient daylight, maximising privacy, maintaining the view to outside and providing efficient protection from the sun's rays so that the inside can always be kept cool in the warm summer months. DUCO has understood this message clearly ever since it was founded, and is therefore engaged in a constant, active search for innovative solutions that are functionally and aesthetically effective in both homes and non-residential buildings.