DucoSun 100D Vertical

DucoSun 100D Verticaal

Permanent external solar shading system. 100 D Series solar shading systems have their aluminium blades fitted against the support profiles at a fixed 45 degree blade mounting angle.

Summary Table Finishing DucoSun
Blade end plate: plastic stop for 150 CF
Blade end plate: aluminium end plate for 100D
Blade end plate: aluminium end plate for 150D
Plastic stop
Facia 150 flat
Facia 175 flat
Facia 100 semi round
Circular facia 90
Inframe Bullnose 100
Inframe Boxinprofile 100 flat
Summary Table System Ducosun
Fixed blades
Manually adjustable system
Motorised adjustable system
Summary Table Placement Ducosun
Horizontally mounted
Vertically mounted