DucoStrip Acoustic

DucoStrip Acoustic

DucoStrip is a sound absorbing aluminium “through-the-frame” slot ventilator. The sound-absorbing module can be fitted either on the inside or the outside, or both sides for even better sound absorption.

Note: DucoStrip Acoustic is only suitable for windows in low-rise buildings (up to second floor).

  • Sound absorption inside, outside or both sides
  • Incoming airflow deflected upwards
  • Simple fitting with two screws per module
  • Installation screws concealed by smooth end caps

For detailed specifications, please download the DucoStrip Acoustic Leaflet.

Technical features
Wind tightness class (closed position) Class 2
Windtightness in closed position 300 Pa
Water tightness class (closed position) 5A
Watertightness in closed position 200 Pa