DucoFlat 80 SR

DucoFlat 80 ZR

DucoFlat 80 SR series have been specifically engineered for integration in the fixed and sliding panes of a sliding window or a sliding door. The window ventilator features just 80 mm glass reduction.

REMARK: DucoFlat 80 SR is only applicable for (sliding) windows in low-rise buildings up to 15 m (= approx. 5 floors) and is always performed with the SR flap.

  • Completely flat vent
  • Suitable for installation in the sliding and fixed panes of a sliding window or sliding door
  • Glass reduction 80 is superb
Technical features
Transom mounting Transom profile 24 mm mm
Standard control Standard control = handle 10 mm mm
Glass reduction 80 mm
Rating watertightness 5A
Ventilator height 95 mm
Ventilator height glazed-in 95 mm
Ventilator height transom 105 mm
Ventilator height transom 105 mm
U - value 3 W/m²/K
Windtightness in closed position 600 Pa
Watertightness in closed position 200 Pa
Self-regulating true