The Lexicon - Bracknell

The Lexicon is the new shopping centre that completely revitalises Bracknell town centre. It is just down the road from Windsor Castle so it was perhaps not totally surprising that Her Majesty the Queen found time to tour the new shopping centre. Amongst other exciting things, Her Majesty could view for herself DUCO louvre walls and doors.

The Lexicon - Bracknell

Her Majesty the Queen approves The Lexicon project with DUCO louvre walls and doors

The Lexicion shopping centre is the perfect place to shop, dine and socialise. The Queen has visited the shopping centre in Bracknell. She toured the new development and met town planners, architects, builders and council representatives who had been involved in this project.

A modern town development project

Lee Manton, general manager for R.W. Simon, the DUCO fabricator and installer, was really pleased with the installation and was able to comment on how well the visit and indeed the project had gone. “We worked very closely with Prater’s who were the building envelope contractor”  He reported “And the Main Contractor, Mace were extremely pleased with the result.” Indeed R.W. Simon , Praters and Mace have changed Bracknell from a 1960’s concrete jungle into a modern and vibrant destination.



DUCO’s solutions offer added value

The bulk of the project, spread over seven large blocks, used DucoWall Basic to provide plant screening. Each block held particular challenges and it was important that the louvres performed correctly across the project.  The architects, Chapman Taylor, set high demands for the quality of the finished works as they knew it would be a testament to design and construction for years to come. R.W. Simon employed off site construction techniques to ensure on time delivery with minimal site disruption and a very high quality finish.

One of the interesting elements is where higher level glazing needs privacy screening from the walkways below. The ability of the DucoWall Classic W 50Z to be installed inverted so that the areas gain maximum light without sacrificing privacy has been key to this. Another challenge was to incorporate louvre doors into the plant screening areas without interrupting the aesthetic appearance. Here again a standard DucoDoor solution provided exactly what was required. The DucoDoor can use the full range of DucoWall blades to provide a beautiful and uniform result.

The Queen was impressed by this remarkable development and R.W. Simon and the DUCO team have been proud and pleased to play their part.

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