Les Passerelles - Annecy (FR)

Les Passerelles, an eco-district near Annecy, south-east France, is situated on the former paper-manufacturing industrial estate of Cran-Gevrier. These modern residential buildings feature DucoSlide sliding panels, boasting practicality and refined aesthetics.

Les Passerelles - Annecy (FR)

Diversity of systems

Sliding panels (or sliding shutters) today have become an established feature in multiple, subsidised ownership and social housing construction. The new Les Passerelles eco-district is no exception to this rule, relying heavily on these products which are as high-tech as they are elegant.

The numerous possibilities open to the owners can be admired from the initial sketches on the various buildings in this housing scheme by Priams, the developer. A range of different infills are applied to the discreet Luxframe 40/40 aluminium frame: louvre blades in wood, perforated sheet metal, die-cut sheet metal with geometric motifs, etc. The architects have also managed to bring colours into play, which does not present DUCO with any difficulty, with its Qualicoat certified paint line.

The panels were installed by SMC2, a metalwork contractor, who succeeded in demonstrating know-how and skill in this complex project. As specialist in multiple housing projects, they succeeded in installing the balcony fittings with great precision, thus achieving an impeccable result.

Must-have products for modern housing

Combining solar shading with privacy protection, DUCO sliding panels are highly regarded in many projects. They filter light naturally, so as not to be blinded when the sun is low, on the one hand, and to maintain the occupants’ privacy by providing screening against looking in from the outside, on the other.

In addition, during warm weather, given that they are positioned outside, DucoSlide units block out the sun’s rays before they can build up excessive in rooms. They are therefore the perfect answer for comfort, adding real value to residential buildings where it’s good to live all year round.

The contemporary aesthetics afforded by sliding panels are hugely popular with architects and owners. They can be used to clad façades and to create a complete whole with the balcony. It makes them lively and dynamic, enabling a different configuration to be enjoyed every day. In this way, they adapt to everyday life, its pace and its seasons.

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