EnergyVille - Genk (BE)

This green theme dovetails perfectly with DUCO’s vision. This manufacturer has endowed the complex with an aesthetic and expressive character by using the DucoDoor Grille and DucoWall Classic W 50Z as façade cladding.

EnergyVille - Genk (BE)

Louvre doors and façade cladding give EnergyVille 2 complex an expressive character

‘EnergyVille 2’, an alternative and renewable energy research centre in Genk, presents a sleek uniform façade. A green image that is also being linked to ventilation and solar shading manufacturer DUCO. The façade owes its design to features including the louvre doors and walls, known as DucoDoor and DucoWall, respectively. A fine example of technology combined with architecture.

The third and most recent building on the Thor Park site, boasting 5,000 m² of floor space, was erected on the site of a former mine. Research into ways of making PV and storage systems more efficient is carried out in EnergyVille 2. This green theme dovetails perfectly with DUCO’s vision. This manufacturer has endowed the complex with an aesthetic and expressive character by using the DucoDoor Grille and DucoWall Classic W 50Z as façade cladding.

Bart Debusschere, DUCO Projects General Manager, has the following to say about it: ‘The DucoDoor Grille has been used on the ground floor. As a free-standing entrance door, it is ideally suited for non-louvre walls, but in this project, however, it can be described as a unique application. This is because there are still grilles with Solid louvre blades all around the DucoDoor Grille, which is made up of the same type of louvre blades. These grilles are fitted with both solid non-punched and punched louvre blades. The result is an architecturally attractive façade skin, in which uniformity is evident.’

Intrusion-resistant feature

‘Staff can sleep soundly,’ continues Mr Debusschere, ‘since the DucoDoor Grille doors were configured intrusion resistant where required.’ In terms of intrusion resistance, the DucoDoor Grille, in the RC2 certified version, achieves a high score. In this regard, the Solid louvre blades make every version intrusion proof. ‘After all, some of the rooms in the Genk research centre are used as storage areas. The DucoDoor Grille means that these items can be stored securely under lock and key.’

In addition, one door was fitted with an insect screen, whereas another featured special filter fabrics. ‘A great plus point for these DucoDoor doors is that the differences between one and another type are aesthetically invisible when viewed externally.’

DucoDoor: a cornucopia of possibilities

The DucoDoor Grille as such offers countless possibilities. Thus, the louvre door can be made completely draught-proof. Fitting the hinges on the side creates a large useful width enabling the door to open 180°. In addition to this, all DucoDoor doors are custom made and are available in useful heights and widths up to 3 metres.

Louvre wall for larger surface areas

‘In addition to the DucoDoor Grille, the DucoWall Classic W 50Z was also used for purge ventilation’, adds Mr Debusschere. In this specific case, it is a louvre wall that was built into the façade in situ for the larger surface areas. The louvres give EnergyVille a contemporary architectural look.

Smooth collaboration

Mr Debusschere concludes: ‘DUCO was commissioned for this project by the Houben firm who assigned it the responsibility to elaborate the technical elements around everything involving ventilation doors and grilles. Factors including good consultation between the technical teams and smooth collaboration enabled us to arrive jointly at a fine end result here in Genk.’

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