History & Awards

The road DUCO has made since 1991 bundled into some of the highlights.

History & Awards


1991    DUCO ‘Ventilation & Sun Control’ is established in Nieuwpoort

1998    Relocation of DUCO Ventilation & Sun Control to Veurne in premises which then extended over 22,000m² on a site of 3 ha

2005    Nederlandse Bouwprijs with DucoTwin (ventilation and solar shading in a single product)

2006    “The most dynamic company in Flanders” with the “Green Building Solution”

2008    Innovation award “New Vision” with the DucoTronic System

2008    Establishment of DUCO Projects in new premises of 16,000m² on a site of 2.5 ha

2010    IPB Challenge for the DUCO Projects building

2011    DUCO wins the IWT Innovation Award for the project with an important social benefit for its DucoTronic System

2011    'Pride of Veurne'

2014    DUCO is 'Ambassador of West Flanders'

2015    DUCO wins the 'Batibouw communication award'


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