This case study shows how the DUCO louvre wall system met key performance and construction needs while improving the building's appearance.


Challenges at LIDL Luton

The LIDL RDC, the world's largest at £300m, spans about 1.2 million ft2 and stretches nearly half a kilometer next to the M1 motorway. A major challenge in such a large retail project is keeping construction swift.

The DucoWall Screening 35's direct clip system was a game-changer, cutting installation time by about 50% compared to traditional methods.

The site included eleven external staircases, two towering at 33m, posing significant challenges with wind loads and alignment.

Solution: DucoWall Screening 35

Tony Colborne of Conttego found DucoWall Screening 35 to be the adaptable solution needed.

“Overall, we were very happy with the project. The DucoWall Screening 35 was installed at a pitch of 112 mm and the direct clip system meant that we were able to align the mullions quickly and accurately. Using a mixture of the mullions available meant we were able to maximise the spans, without the need for secondary supports.  The blade gives a great connection strength, and the overall speed of install was a huge benefit.”

DucoWall Screening's direct clip system is designed to screen equipment, staircases, and other structures architects and clients prefer out of sight. It offers two blade sizes and various mullions, with blades adjustable to three different pitches, tailoring to project needs.

Results and feedback

The project was a success, exceeding expectations in speed, efficiency, and overall outcome. DucoWall Screening 35 proved to be an effective future solution.

Architect: IMA Architects

Contractor: Jungheinrich

DUCO Partner: Conttego Louvres, Bridport


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