Optimist Residence - A Paradigm of Sustainable Living

Optimist Residence stands as a beacon of modernity and sustainability, slated for construction at the intersection of Spuikomlaan and Vissersstraat in Bredene. This project boasts 26 residential units, each equipped with cutting-edge, energy-efficient ventilation systems featuring heat recovery from DUCO.

Optimist Residence - A Paradigm of Sustainable Living

Partnership and Innovation

The venture embarked upon by AG Projects, a dynamic entity specializing in ventilation and flue gas extraction systems in West Flanders, marks a pivotal moment. Their collaboration on Optimist Residence served as a formidable learning experience. While still familiarizing themselves with manufacturers and their product portfolios, AG Projects, in partnership with Omni-term and DUCO, opted for the installation of the DucoFlex air duct system in the concrete of the first floor.

Efficiency through Seamless Integration

The unified approach—sourcing materials and systems from a single manufacturer and supplier—streamlined operations and facilitated swift deliveries. Aaron underscores the advantages of the Click&Go principle and minimal fittings, ensuring the rapid installation of the complete DucoFlex air duct system.

The DucoFlex system's adaptability, fitting smoothly into 63 mm pre-pits, ensured unhindered passage throughout, while compact collection boxes enabled easy connection within confined spaces, highlighting the system's versatility and ease of installation.

Innovative Ventilation Solutions

As the project progresses, the installation of energy-efficient DucoBox Energy Comfort D325 ventilation units in the flats is anticipated. These units boast several advantages:

  • High Efficiency: The demand control feature ensures intelligent, energy-efficient operation, aligning with contemporary sustainability standards.
  • Adaptability: The software-based left/right exchange, utilizing a patented double by-pass principle, facilitates convenient connections, even in limited storage spaces.
  • User-Friendly Design: Weighing a mere 21 kg, the DucoBox Energy Comfort D325 stands as an ideal one-person installation unit. Its automatic adjustment capabilities ensure swift and high-quality installation.

Result and Future Prospects

Optimist Residence serves as a milestone for AG Projects, marking its largest ongoing project since its inception in 2021. The success of this collaboration has paved the way for further endeavors. Due to the smooth execution and positive outcomes, AG Projects has been entrusted with another new construction project by the same builder in De Haan, where DucoFlex air ducts and DucoBox Energy Comfort ventilation units will also find their place.

In summary, Optimist Residence embodies a testament to seamless collaboration, innovative solutions, and a commitment to sustainable, high-quality living—a testament that extends its legacy to future projects, promising continued success and advancements in residential ventilation.

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