DucoWall Classic W 130HP

DucoWall Classic W 130HP

DucoWall Classic W 130HP is a blades wall system that can be installed as a single unit, or can be placed against an existing construction. Quick and easy assembly is possible by using the ‘Turn-Click’ system. The uniquely shaped ‘High Performance’ blade ensures optimal water-resistance.

Technical features
Visual free area 88 %
Physical free area 70 %
K factor intake 8,55
K factor exhaust 13,42
Ce 0,34
Cd 0,27
Fitting Depth 145mm (50/12)
183mm (50/50 & 21/50 MULTI)
258 mm (50/125) mm
Blade depth 133 mm
Blade pitch 50 mm
Maximum span between 2 support mullions at 800 Pa and pressure coefficient 1.2 2300 mm
Mullion 40/21 (light)
Mullion 40/70 (heavy)
Mullion 30/12 (light)
Mullion 50/12 (light)
Mullion 21/50 MULTI (heavy)
Mullion 50/50 (heavy)
Mullion 50/125 (heavy)
Mullion 40/47 (light)
Mullion 21/73 (heavy)
Mullion 40/102 (heavy)
Insect mesh (S= Standard / O= Optional)
Insect/bird mesh O
Watertightness (with insect mesh)
v = 0 m-s A
v = 0,5 m-s A
v = 1 m-s A
v = 1,5 m-s A
v = 2 m-s A
v = 2,5 m-s A

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