DucoGrille Classic G 20Z

DucoGrille Classic G 20Z

The DucoGrille Classic G 20Z is a recessed mounted wall louvre manufactured from extruded aluminium profiles. The Turn and Click system ensures quick and easy assembly. An insect screen is fitted as standard. The unique Z shaped blade ensures an aesthetic added value.

Technical features
Visual free area 63 %
Physical free area 41 %
K factor intake 22,73
K factor exhaust 30,52
Ce 0,21
Cd 0,18
Fitting Depth 30 mm
Blade pitch 35 mm
Frame flange 19 mm
Insect mesh (S= Standard / O= Optional)
Perforation P1
Perforation P2
SS insect mesh 2,3 x 2,3 mm S
SS bird mesh 6 x 6 mm O
SS bird mesh 20 x 20 x 0,5mm O
Watertightness (with insect mesh)
v = 0 m-s C(94.87%)
v = 0,5 m-s C(93.15%)
v = 1 m-s D
v = 1,5 m-s D(75.4%)
v = 2 m-s D
v = 2,5 m-s D

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