DucoGrille NightVent

The ventilation hatch consists of a single module, but contains two essential components. From outside, the DucoGrille NightVent is shielded by a window grille with perforated slats that keep out insects.

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Ventilative cooling
'Free cooling' by means of intensive ventilation

Nowadays, airtight construction and good insulation are two key concepts that are becoming increasingly important in the construction industry. Certainly to reduce unwanted energy losses as much as possible. However, this also means that the demand for heat decreases, while the need to cool a building increases. Certainly during the warmer (summer) months, the indoor temperature can soar. Not only due to excessive direct solar gains, but also through internal heat gains (think of lighting, electrical and thermal equipment or simply the presence of a large number of people in the one room.) Summer comfort is therefore increasingly being included in a building's design requirements.

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