DucoFlex ventilation ducting

A complete and easily installed air ducting system for MEV and MVHR systems.

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Complete Air Ducting System

With the arrival of the DucoFlex air ducting system, DUCO is evolving into a total ventilation solutions provider. From vents to ducting and including a complete range of ventilation boxes. In short, this ventilation specialist has all you need in-house for a high-quality residential ventilation system.

When you use DucoFlex, you will also benefit from the the highest airtightness class D plus the lowest air resistance. The result is an energy-efficient and quiet ventilation system.

Did you know that this complete air ducting system for MEV and MVHR systems is very easy to install? This is thanks to the handy ‘Click & Go’ system and a minimum of adaptors. DUCO as a one-stop-shop with 100% service provision!


Discover our range of ducting and vents

Plastic ducting

Plastic ventilation ducting

Flexible and compact ducting system that can be used in virtually any situation thanks to 63, 75 or 90 mm outside diameters. The smart “Click and Go” fixing system combined with the reduced number of components ensures rapid and airtight fitting.

Find out about plastic airtight ducting in Catalogue Duco Ventilation Systems.



A wide range of supply and exhaust vents with a 125 mm fitting diameter. DUCO vents stand out thanks to simple calibration, rapid installation, aesthetics, acoustics and easy maintenance …

Discover DUCO’s air valves for supply and extraction.

Sound absorbing air ducting


Sound-reducing flexible or rigid attenuators that have pre-fitted connectors. 

Find out about sound absorbing air ducting in Catalogue Duco Ventilation Systems.

Roof feed-through & Wall feed-through

Roof feed-through / Wall feed-through

A complete range of roof feed-throughs and wall feed-throughs, available in different materials and colours. The 160, 180 and 200 mm connection diameters are in line with that of most conventional riser ducts and DucoFlex insulated ventilation ducts.

Find out about wall and roof feed-throughs in Catalogue Duco Ventilation Systems.

Insulated air ducting

Insulated ducting

The range of 160, 180 or 200 mm diameter insulated EPP and EPS ducts are simple to connect to DUCO’s air ducting system. With a limited number of parts, it’s easy to create a thermally insulated connection between the ventilation unit and the roof/wall feed-through.

Find out about insulated air ducting in Catalogue Duco Ventilation Systems.

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