Student accommodation Fallowfield - Manchester

DUCO contributes with sun protection to the £78m project for The University of Manchester. The architectural sun control DucoSun Ellips 200 mm, supplied by Contrasol, was chosen for the Fallowfield campus. The solar shading is so much more than decoration.

Student accommodation Fallowfield - Manchester

About the Fallowfield Campus

The Fallowfield is a student accommodation with 8 multi-storey blocks including a Warden’s flat and Energy Centre, amenity hub, landscaping and external works. Each residence will have 10 bedrooms per floor with ensuite bathroom pods and a shared kitchen. 1,122 student rooms are spread over the blocks with a combined floor area of 32,020m2.

The Fallowfield Campus is the main residential campus of the University of Manchester. It’s a vibrant place where thousands of students live alongside residents – creating e a real sense of community. The mix of shops, cafes, bars and a frequent bus service to and from the city centre makes it an ideal location to live.

Construction details

The blocks are constructed using pre-fabricated lightweight steel framing system panels which provide structure to the building when used along with composite concrete floors. External materials are predominantly buff brickwork with feature elevations picked out in charcoal fibre cement slate roofing and cladding. Study bedrooms incorporate built-in storage and furnishings and a high specification pre-fabricated GRP en-suite shower pod.  

Solar shading is much more than decoration

The vertical solar shading system DucoSun Ellips was chosen for this project and supplied by Contrasol. This solar shading system, in which a blade width of 200 mm was chosen, guarantees not only maximum daylight, thanks to the optimal inclination angle and number of louvre blades. At the same time, DucoSun Ellips 200 ensures that the sun’s rays do not get a chance to heat up the Fallowfield interior spaces directly. The vertically installed solar shading system offers maximum privacy while maintaining the view outside.


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