DUCO publishes EPD’s for UK & Ireland

DUCO publishes EPD’s for UK & Ireland

DUCO, as a manufacturer fully committed to CSR, is publishing the EPD’s for its major products from December 2023.  The results are excellent, reducing carbon emissions by between 76% and 96% when compared to default values that are used in other European Countries.

Carbon, carbon, carbon

The (PCR) in line with EN 15804 is one of the most demanding environmental regulations in the world.

Of course, architectural quality, comfort and functionality will remain important criteria, and DUCO will always have strong arguments to put forward, but these regulations are completely changing the game in UK, by imposing limits on the carbon impact of buildings in terms of CO2.

What's more, these emission limits will be revised downwards every 3 years. They are calculated "from cradle to grave", i.e. from the first stages of product manufacture, the construction of the building, its use for 50 years, its destruction, right through to the recycling of its components.

Emissions are calculated using the same benchmark of 1 m² of covered façade, and for a period of use of 50 years.

Thanks to DUCO's verified and validated EPD’s, the most ambitious building designers will now be able to obtain much more favourable carbon impact values when calculating their LCA (life cycle assessment).

These excellent results have been achieved thanks to DUCO's long-standing commitment to reducing its carbon footprint: as many Western European suppliers as possible, the use of 75% recycled aluminium, 2 ultra-modern production plants covered with solar panels, protected by brise-soleil on the facades and cooled by night-time ventilation, the new head office building heated by geothermal energy...

The future is green, and all the better for it!


EPD verified and validated DUCO products

Wall and window louvres DucoGrille


Window and wall louvres

  • DucoGrille Classic
  • DucoGrille Solid

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Continuous louvre walls DucoWall


Continuous louvre walls & screening

  • DucoWall Classic
  • DucoWall Solid & Screening

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Architectural sliding and folding panels DucoSlide Wood


Architectural sliding and folding panels

  • DucoSlide LuxFrame (Aluminium & Wood)

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Architectural solar shading louvres DucoSun Ellips


Architectural solar shading / Brise soleil

    • DucoSun C / DucoSun D
    • DucoSun Cubic
    • DucoSun Ellips

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