Asterias - De Panne (BE)

Like every coastal municipal district in Belgium, De Panne faces a duality between being a pleasant place to be for its residents and creating attractive places to stay for tourists and visitors. A good balance by preserving the authentic character in renovation while striving for innovative architecture in new build is the aim but also a challenge for this district.

Asterias - De Panne (BE)

The Asterias residence in De Meeuwenlaan is a fine example of an apartment complex that provides a fresh touch to the neighbourhood with its modern look. DUCO was called in to install an energy-efficient and thorough ventilation solution.

Conceptually well-thought-out choices

The Asterias residence comprises 13 spacious apartments and an underground car park. The building permit was approved in summer 2018, actual building work started in autumn 2020 and by early 2023 all apartments were completed. Conceptually well-thought-out choices were adopted when designing the residence to ensure that the apartment complex blends neatly into its surroundings.

Architect Janis Filieux: “A conscious decision was made to place a long continuous façade with apartments on the Vlaanderenstraat side. Accordingly, this terraced façade blends neatly with the existing terraced houses in this street. It was decided in turn to erect a shorter façade with apartments on the Meeuwenlaan side since there are more detached houses there. An opening was also provided next to the right-hand neighbours so their home would not be deprived of sunlight. This makes for a fine overall effect in both streets where all local residents have been taken into account.”

Bring in the sea air

Asterias residence occupants are not only able to enjoy a central location, spacious apartments and modern architecture, they can also count on the optimum healthy indoor climate thanks the SkyVent window ventilators by DUCO.

Resistant to wind, rain and storms

Due to their highest class of wind and watertightness, SkyVent window vents are the ideal fitment for applications subject to wind loads such as coastal high-rise buildings.

Janis Filieux: “DUCO SkyVent window vents are highly suitable for applications subject to wind loads. This is because they are resistant to rain, storms and wind. They are ideal for projects on the coast where the wind is almost always blowing”.

Excellent cooperation

The Asterias project can definitely be described as a success story. The works went smoothly, as did completion and, not least, cooperation between the various parties.

Peter Lowagie, client: “Cooperation between all parties went very smoothly. Janis Filieux’ architecturally keen eye, experienced property developer Hendrik Blomme of Samyn bvba who kept everything on the right track, meticulous supervision by developer NV Kubo. We understood each other very quickly which definitely helped the overall process.  After all, you never write a success story on your own!”


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