The Gate Sheffield | A Good night's sleep for students - Thanks to noise-absorbing Window Ventilation

In the heart of the vibrant student city of Sheffield lies The Gate, a modern student accommodation scheme that houses 455 students. The imposing building is situated along the busy main road bordering Sheffield Hallam University and is equipped with numerous facilities including a gym, rooftop terrace, and a cinema… The complex is truly a diamond among student residences. The installed DucoMax sound attenuating window ventilator makes a major contribution to the healthy indoor climate of the building.

The Gate Sheffield | A Good night's sleep for students - Thanks to noise-absorbing Window Ventilation

About The Gate

In the heart of the bustling student city of Sheffield, surrounded by a number of busy roads and right next to Sheffield Hallam University, is the brand-new student accommodation - The Gate. Numerous facilities contribute to a pleasant living environment for the 455 students who live there, including a gym, a spacious rooftop terrace with breathtaking views, a cinema room, communal kitchens and study areas.

A Healthy Indoor Climate

At The Gate, attention is not only paid to different accommodation levels for the students, but also their long term wellbeing and as part of this a healthy indoor climate is also highly valued.

On average we spend 90% of our time indoors. Good ventilation ensures a healthy home and prevents health problems such as dry eyes and throat, headaches while studying, loss of concentration and stress among the students. In addition, good ventilation has been shown to improve learning performance by up to 23%.

The Gate opts for a natural ventilation system in which fresh air is supplied through the facade. The DucoMax SR acoustic window vent not only ensures a plentiful supply of fresh outside air, but also reduces any outside noise from the city below to a maximum (up to 53 dB).

Discover the benefits of acoustic ventilation

Reducing noise nuisance

The ventilation system supplies fresh air via the DucoMax acoustic window vent in the living and sleeping areas, while in humid rooms polluted air is removed. The central location of The Gate provides easy access to the vibrant city of Sheffield, but unfortunately this can cause a lot of noise nuisance too due to the busy traffic.

The DucoMax was developed specifically for buildings with high levels of noise disturbance, to keep the noise out. The integral self-regulating valve also keeps the air flow constant during differing wind pressures. As a result, students are hindered as little as possible by these external factors.

The combination of the various facilities with a healthy indoor climate contributes to an optimal learning and living environment for the students.


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