BIM library

Along with two specialist partners DUCO has also developed a DUCO library and opted to feature many of its products in the manufacturer-specific library in accordance with the Revit Standards.

BIM library

This library contains all products in this range: window ventilation, sound absorbing ventilation, wall and window louvres, ventilation and solar shading & the Demand-Controlled Natural Ventilation Systems.

These products, therefore, now constitute intelligent objects with can be used immediately for the design of technical installations in buildings. In order to ensure the technical design process runs smoothly, parametric information is also linked to each type in addition to the correct geometric and symbolic representation.

All these products are available in Autodesk Revit format. The range of louvre grilles, louvre walls and architectural solar shading is also available through BIMOBJECT.


All models can be adjusted parametrically. As it is sometimes possible to exceed certain operational parameters, it is essential that the design is checked by our technicians.So please always contact us at DUCO and we can confirm compliance or make other suggestions.

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