DUCO Ventilation App

DUCO Ventilation App

DUCO Ventilation App: A real workhorse that no installer should be without!

Thanks to the DUCO Ventilation App, coming home to a poorly ventilated living environment is now a thing of the past. With its efficient, simple and user-friendly operation, DUCO’s new app for smartphones and tablets gives all installers maximum support during the configuration and maintenance of an installed ventilation box, saving them both time and money!



Key to this process is the Communication Print*, which is supplied with the DucoBox Silent Connect or DucoBox Focus as an option. At first sight, this PCB may appear to be a rather opaque piece of technology, but it actually creates the connection to the DUCO Ventilation App. Do you have the DUCO Ventilation App starter kit? If so, you have everything you need to offer your customer an unconditional guarantee of a perfectly functioning ventilation system! 


o Efficient readout of parameters of the chosen ventilation system,
o Live air-quality measurement,
o Rapid changing of settings,
o Automatic problem detection,
o User-friendly installation wizard,
o Time-saving thanks to automatic installation and generation of ventilation report,
o Simple transfer of ventilation box configuration to a new home in a single operation,
o Healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate 100% guaranteed. 


o DUCO ventilation box: DucoBox Silent Connect or DucoBox Focus,
o DUCO Ventilation App starter kit: Communication Print with Ethernet connection, DUCO Wi-Fi router, and network and USB cable
*(Available following training at the DUCO Academy. Not yet a DUCO ‘VIP’? Then contact one of DUCO’s employees. They will be happy to help you arrange an appointment),
o Minimum specifications: Android 4.0 or iOS 9.3.

Don’t delay – experience the benefits for yourself. The app is available to download NOW free of charge from the App Store or Google Playstore!