DucoBox Energy Premium

DucoBox Energy Premium

Europe's quietest MVHR!

The DucoBox Energy Premium raises MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) to the next level.

An energy efficient operation becomes more and more important as “passive” and “energy neutral”-houses become more and more widespread. The DucoBox Energy Premium fits perfectly within this evolution as a very high performance “balanced” ventilation unit.

In a balanced ventilation system, fresh air is supplied to the dwelling by means of a mechanical fan, and stale air is evacuated by means of a second mechanical fan. Thereby heat is recovered from the extracted air and being transferred to the fresh air which is being supplied to the dwelling (hence the name “Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery”).

The DucoBox Energy Premium is available in a “left” and a “right”-version, which relates to the position of the bevel of the unit. The bevel is the side where supply (SUP) and extraction (ETA)-ducts to and from the dwelling are being positioned.

Three very specific characteristics of the DucoBox Energy Premium make it a totally UNIQUE ventilation unit:

Acoustic comfort: the lowest supply sound level around!

The favourable positioning of the fan (further away from the supply-ducts!) as well as the use of high-grade absorbent material, and the use of a steel casing guarantee a whisper-quiet operation, especially in the living areas where this matters most (bedroom and living room)!

Independent tests show that the sound levels at the supply side are indeed incredibly quiet and that the DucoBox Energy Premium can be considered the quietest MVHR-unit in Europe

Integrated 2-zone operation

The DucoBox Enery Premium comes in a 1-zone or in an integrated 2-zone version.

The advantage of an integrated 2-zone-principle is obviously its plug & play-feature: one just needs to plug in the DucoBox itself without any need for external cabling to some remote valve.

The 2-zone operation further enhances the efficiency of the DucoBox Energy Premium by integrating a 2-zone “on-demand” principle based on time-schedules or based on CO2 or humidity measurements.
The day and night-zone are being controlled separately by a valve which is integrated in the machine itself. This results in an extremely efficient operation (only ventilate when it is necessary and where it is necessary: eg no ventilation at night-time in the day-zone when nobody is there anyway) and comes with an A+ energy label.

Needless to say that a 2-zone operation further enhances the already superb acoustic comfort-levels of the DucoBox Energy Premium (eg. slower operation at night-time when only the night-zone needs to be ventilated)!

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Automatic calibration

The automatic calibration, which is based on the principle of constant pressure, allow for a very fast calibration, thereby easily saving 50% of the set-up time! At the same time, it gives 100% peace of mind for a qualitative installation with the correct airflows.


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