DucoGrille Close 105 - Night cooling

DucoGrille Close 105

The DucoGrille Close 105 is a blade damper which, as a result of its high airflow rate, is perfect for use in ventilation applications of buildings. A llowing fresh air from the outside to directly enter a building through the building envelope. The ultimate guarantee of a healthy indoor climate.

Designed for wall mounted applications in supply mode, the DucoGrille Close 105 is fitted with a grille on both sides for aesthetic purposes. This blade damper is ideal when combined with a DucoGrille Solid series. Thanks to its high air flow rate the DucoGrille Close 105 is also suitable for adjustable extract. Blade dampers are motor controlled and can be connected to a Building Management System thus allowing for a fully-fledged ventilation strategy.

Technical features
Visual free area 74 %
Physical free area 74 %
K factor intake 2,57
K factor exhaust 2,57
Ce 0,62
Cd 0,62
Frame width 105 mm
Blade pitch 91 mm
Insulation value U = < 1 W/m²K
Control motorized
Operating temperature -25 °C to +60°C
Attenuation value Rw (C;Ctr) Closed 21 (-2;-2) dB
Open 3 (0;-1) dB
Airtightness in accordance with the norm EN 12207 and EN 1026
Water repellency Class A (untill v=1,5m/s in fully opened position, in combination with a DucoGrille Solid 30Z as exterior louvre) in accordance with the norm EN 12208 and EN 1027.