Ventilation system configurations

Duco's ventilation systems provide ventilation in accordance with System C because Duco is convinced that this is the most effective, most energy-efficient and healthiest system for a pleasant indoor climate. Different options are available within this System C and as a result Duco developed a range of systems. Discover here the Duco CO2 System and Duco Comfort System, and decide which system is the best fit.

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Duco CO2 System

The Duco CO2 System combines natural air supply with mechanical air extraction. The supply of fresh air in the dwelling is realised based on CO2 measurement in the living room. The system, therefore, measures directly at source.

The fresh air is supplied directly via the façade in each room via Duco's self-regulating ventilation louvres. The central DucoBox Basic removes the dirty and humid air in the wet rooms.

This Demand-Controlled Natural Ventilation System realises a healthy and comfortable indoor climate with an EPC gain up to 0.17.

Within this system there is also the possibility to add a manual operation. This can be installed in the bathroom and/or kitchen, for example, and gives the resident the option to control the DucoBox Basic manually.

The components of the Duco CO2 System are sustainable, user-friendly and low maintenance. System communication is entirely wireless. This simple ‘natural’ ventilation system is ideal for renovation projects thanks to its minimal investment and easy installation.

Duco Comfort System

The Duco Comfort System is an easy to install Demand-Controlled Natural Ventilation System (VNV) and provides natural air supply via self-regulating window ventilators in the façade and a mechanical extraction of stale and/or moist air via the central extract unit. This, in combination with the minimal investment, ensures that this system is ideally suited for new buildings and renovations. Indeed, considering that all communication between the different components is fully wireless via an independently developed communication protocol.

Demand for ventilation is determined as standard based on the air quality (CO2) in the living room and the relative humidity (RH) in the bathroom. A CO2 sensor can be installed in the bedroom(s) for optimum energy saving. With the Duco Comfort System, the sensors regulate everything in the room itself.