Did you know that ...

you spend 90 % of the time within four walls?

Why ventilating is a must

Ventilating as basis to function

Fresh, healthy air is the basis to function properly. We spend 90% of our time within four walls. (Europese Commissie, 2003) Yet, air quality indoors is often below standards.  Unhealthy air comes from cooking, cleaning, pets, electronic devices, chemical substances such as cleaning products and paint … There is no avoiding it given the fact that homes are increasingly being built better and airtight.

Insulation is certainly important to cut energy losses but ventilating is a necessity to create a comfortable, healthy and pleasant indoor climate. At home, in the office, at school, the gym, in care centres … You name it.


Ventilating to prevent ill health

If the temperature, moisture content and/or the CO2 level in the home are too high, the indoor climate becomes a breeding ground for various illnesses.

As well as pregnant women, the sick and elderly, children are particularly vulnerable. This is due to the fact that their respiratory and immune systems are not yet fully developed. (Leefmilieu Brussel, 2018) However, children’s bedrooms emerge as the rooms with the highest level of contamination in the house … (Danish Eco Council, 2016) Up to 45 % of all children’s bedrooms have an excessive CO2-content on account of inadequate ventilation (Danish Eco Council, 2016) Time to sound the alarm and to ensure a living environment that breathes.

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Ventilating to keep your home healthy

It is important to refresh the air inside buildings on a regular basis. Correct and good ventilation is necessary. Because in poorly ventilated homes or apartments for example which are built totally airtight the air cannot circulate properly, the stale air hangs around, creating odour nuisances, moisture condensation on the windows and in the walls and bacteria are easily spread.

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