Step into my world of oxygen

A story about indoor air quality

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Simon talks about the Home Of Oxygen

Are you curious about what the future holds?
Find out with Simon…

Did you know that we spend 90 percent of our time indoors? This is why I especially enjoy cycling to work in the morning. And even better I get to work in The Home of Oxygen. So, oxygen is always around me. Once I have arrived at DUCO, it is our mission to provide everyone with oxygen. Together with my colleagues, I’m working on the future of smart ventilation and solar shading systems.

Introducing the World of Oxygen!

Every day we work on the innovations of tomorrow. We do so via automated processes which range from development and testing in our own laboratories through to rigorous quality control. Our proactive go-getter mentality ensures that we strive for continuous improvement and constant quality in every aspect. All with a single goal in mind: to develop sustainable products which contribute towards a healthy future full of oxygen.

Here, it’s fair to say: “The future starts now”.
And I’m keen to show you what that means!
Duco, a Home Of Oxygen for a World of Oxygen.

Welcome to my world of oxygen

A story about indoor air quality

Emma tells her story

I get up, go to school all day, come home, play outside for a little while, wash myself and watch a nice movie before I go to sleep. Conclusion: I spend more time indoors than ever before. What about you?

We don’t often think about this, but did you know that indoor air quality is often five times worse than the air outside? The consequences for your and my health are bad. We all need fresh air.

Luckily, my daddy and all his friends make the indoor air better for people, by helping to produce ventilation and sun control. That’s why I think my daddy is a real hero.

Step into my World Of Oxygen!

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