What to do with the ventilation when I am on holiday?

What to do with the ventilation when I am on holiday?

You often hear this advice: when you go on holiday it is best to switch off all electrical equipment, preferably by unplugging them all. Good advice, but what about the mechanical ventilation systems? You can’t simply switch them off. And so we come to the question: what do I do with the ventilation system when I go on holiday?

Going away for a long time? No problem!

The ventilation system must never be switched off. This would cause problems in the area of comfort and heating if it were to be switched off for too long. When you are on holiday you don't need any ventilation yourself. It is, however, wise to ventilate a little bit in order to keep your house comfortable.

DUCO ventilation systems therefore have an operating mode especially for when you are gone for a long time: the absence mode. If this mode is activated then the device will operate at minimum power with a low airflow.

This setting is ideal for when you are away for a long time so you don't need to switch off your ventilation system when you go on holiday. The device will ventilate enough to meet the limited ventilation need and will use a minimum of energy. Your home is then comfortable and ready immediately upon your return.

Home sweet home

That is the ultimate objective of the absence mode: maintaining the comfort level of your home with as low as possible energy consumption. This way you can immediately enjoy the comfort of your own home after your holiday.

How to activate the absence mode on your DUCO MEV or MVHR 

How to activate the unoccupied setting on a DucoBox ventilation system

The low mode lights up cyan when the absence mode is activated. Tap any button to deactivate this setting.

Take a look at the user manual for the step-by-step procedure. 

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