BLOK 59 - Eindhoven (NL)

Blok 59 meets the high demands for durability and comfort. This is reflected, for example, in the use of natural looking materials, low energy consumption and the application of demand-driven ventilation in all homes.

BLOK 59 - Eindhoven (NL)

Natural ventilation in hip residential tower block at Strijp in Eindhoven

Anyone driving along Strijp-S in Eindhoven certainly cannot fail to notice it. BLOK 59 is a hip new-build project that boasts 156 luxury apartments. The building towers high above the other residential complexes thus putting Strijp firmly on the map.The 65-metre high residential tower block is a real eye-catcher on this industrial spot in Eindhoven. This project is also a magnificent achievement in terms of air quality, acoustic comfort and energy efficiency.

Eindhoven is in dire need of housing. Increasing urbanisation means that there is very little unbuilt space available in the centre of the city. Nonetheless, demand for housing is not standing still. “Prices are going up by ten percent because there are hardly any homes on the market. High-rise buildings can contribute towards meeting the vast demand” claims Ard van den Bisen, chief superintendent at Stam + De Koning Bouw, a construction company. The addition of the apartment block makes living in the city affordable for a wider public.

Repurposing Strijp-S

Strijp-S belonged to Philips, the electronics giant, until 2000. This 27-hectare former industrial site has undergone a genuine metamorphosis over the past few years. Concept stores and original hospitality concepts give the site a new interpretation. Young, dynamic and creative Eindhoven denizens will find something to their liking in this vibrant quarter.

There are six different types of homes to be found in BLOK 59 – varying in size, layout and features. “Access to the high-rise building is via an internal stairwell and to the low-rise via galleries which look onto an enclosed courtyard”, continues Mr van den Bisen.  BLOK 59 meets the stringent requirements laid down for sustainability and comfort.

This is evident for instance in the use of materials with a natural appearance, low energy consumption and the utilisation of demand-controlled ventilation in all homes.

Maximum soundproofing

It is expected of window ventilators used in high-rise that they should score well in terms of window and watertightness and acoustics. Ventilation specialist DUCO developed the SkyMax SR specially for high-rise projects such as BLOK 59. “The R&D department at DUCO perfected the acoustic window ventilator for problem-free installation at heights up to 70 metres
reports Caspar Houben, technical sales adviser at DUCO.

A shopping level is planned under the apartments on the ground floor. For this reason, the DucoMax SR sound-absorbing window ventilator was also used to enable residents to enjoy peace and quiet in their homes.

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Regard for fire safety

What’s more, DUCO faced some major challenges. “Accordingly, it was the client’s express wish that window ventilators should be concealed as far as possible behind the façade”, explains Mr Houben. Moreover, fire safety was an important topic during the preliminary design. There were some fire-resistant façades that needed to be equipped with window ventilators. That is why the FireMax SR fire-resistant window ventilator was also implemented.

Demand-controlled air extraction

“The requirements in terms of thermal insulation, energy performance, noise and indoor climate are becoming increasingly stringent. Our intention was to deliver a project that meets these strict requirements, without losing sight of the occupant in doing so”, says Mr van den Bisen.

This makes the right choice of ventilation system an important factor. “We recommend the DucoBox Silent for efficient air extraction”, reports Mr Houben. “That is because this MEV with smart CO2 and Humidity control ensures optimum air quality in every room by extracting stale and moisture-laden air extremely quietly.”


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