Polaris residential tower block - Groningen (NL)

The Polaris residential tower block illustrates uniquely how the indoor climate can be raised to a higher level in a high-rise building as well.

Polaris residential tower block - Groningen (NL)

Natural ventilation for students in Polaris residential tower block

The Polaris apartment complex now stands in Groningen where the Rabobank tower once stood. The complex provides accommodation for 207 students and rises 65 metres above the Paddepoel district. The Polaris residential tower block illustrates uniquely how the indoor climate can be raised to a higher level in a high-rise building as well.

New build

The Paddepoel district in Groningen is being built over with modern student accommodation. The district lies right next to the Zernike campus which is shared by the University of Groningen and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. The former Rabobank office was demolished in early 2017. This prominent building made way for a new building: Polaris.

The project has been constructed to be earthquake-resistant and named accordingly after the Polestar – the brightest star in the Ursa Minor constellation, which virtually does not move and is always in the same position to the north in the sky. The complex consists of two towers, 65 and 20 metres high, comprising 207 apartments destined for student accommodation.

Demand-Controlled Natural Ventilation

Students enjoy clean air everywhere in their homes, day and night. The fact is that a poor indoor climate lies behind various complaints: dry eyes and throat; headaches while studying; loss of concentration or simply dozing off in the afternoon. In consultation with stakeholders, DUCO has equipped the entire building with Demand-Controlled Natural Ventilation – based on CO2 and humidity control.

Optimum acoustic comfort

Fresh air is fed in directly above the window frames via window ventilators. Acoustics are an essential factor in the ventilation supply with projects such as Polaris that are located in a busy residential or working area.

The SkyMax SR proved to be the appropriate solution. Not only does the SkyMax SR have sound-absorbing properties, it also has a beneficial impact on energy performance. These window ventilators have been developed to be capable of withstanding high wind forces.

Thought is also being given to the extraction of stale air. Inadequate extraction of stale or moisture-laden air gives rise to damp problems, causing mould and bacteria to thrive. That is why the DucoBox Silent is being utilised. This mechanical ventilation box ensures optimum air quality in every room by extracting stale and moisture-laden air extremely quietly.

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