Duco Roof Turret

Duco Roof Turret

Roof-mounted purge ventilation

Duco Roof Turret Solid 30Z provides aesthetic concealment of air vents in roofs. The aluminium roof cowl also ensures adequate purge ventilation of the screened areas and can be used in almost all projects. As an option, a DucoGrille Close 105 can be integrated into the roof cowl, thus ensuring a controlled supply or extraction of air.

All-in-one roof cowl, including cover plate and bottom section 

Duco Roof Turret Solid 30Z comes complete with upper panel and finishing thresholds. The roof cowl can be finished in a choice of RAL colours. Duco Roof Turret Solid can be used for both air supply and extraction with natural and mechanical ventilation. Because the roof cowl is made to the required dimensions, quick and easy fitting is guaranteed.

High-quality Solid 30Z louvre blades with two types of punching

The perforated Solid 30Z louvre blades are the ideal solution for both insect resistance and ventilation capacity. Thanks to the large punch slots (P2), high ventilation values can be achieved with a small roof cowl.

New: The Duco Roof Turret Solid 30Z is optionally available with an Eggcrate grid, which provides even better water resistance (in combination with the P2 louvres).

Technical features
Duco Roof Turret P1 Duco Roof Turret P2 Duco Roof Turret P2 + Eggcrate
Visual free area 60 % 86 %
Physical free area 34 % 48 %
Ce 0,24 0,28 0,18
Cd 0,23 0,28 0,20
Blade pitch 37,5 mm 37,5 mm 37,5 mm
Perforation P1 S S S
SS insect mesh 2,3 x 2,3 mm O O O
SS bird mesh 6 x 6 mm O O O
Watertightness (with insect mesh)
Type v = 0 m-s v = 0,5 m-s v = 1 m-s v = 1,5 m-s v = 2 m-s v = 2,5 m-s
Duco Roof Turret P1 C (91,1%) C (83,5%) D (77,7%) D D D
Duco Roof Turret P2 B (96,1%) B (95,9%) C (93,5%) C (87,6%) D (67,3%) D
Duco Roof Turret P2 + Eggcrate A A A B (97,6%) C (93,2%) C

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