DUCO keeps noise out thanks to acoustic ventilation

DUCO keeps noise out thanks to acoustic ventilation

Increasing urbanization also brings more noise pollution. Busy city centers, high-rise buildings next to train stations or buildings in busy entertainment districts. The examples are legion. Good ventilation and acoustics are not always a matter of course there. Fortunately, there are ways to combine both - ventilation and acoustics - in the form of high-quality acoustic ventilation solutions. DUCO lists them below.

Mastering urban sound

Almost everyone suffers from a noisy environment and poor acoustics from time to time. However, when sound becomes noise, people become irritated and stressed. Prolonged exposure to noise spikes, such as in cities, can even be harmful to health. It leads to headaches, balance problems, impaired concentration, etc. Good acoustics make for a qualitatively fuller life. It is therefore important to get the acoustics in buildings right.

Combination of aesthetics and functionality

Within the concept of acoustic ventilation, DUCO looks at a building from an architectural as well as a functional point of view. This involves developing products that combine the functional with the aesthetic. In addition to the legal requirements concerning sustainability, environment and energy efficiency, canopy acoustics are gaining in importance. Rightly so, because a pleasant experience of sound is at least as important!

Acoustic solutions that hush everything down

DUCO acoustic ventilation solutions are extensive, ranging from acoustic ventilation for high-rise buildings, as well as residential applications with attenuation values of up to 48 dB.   

On the one hand, DUCO offers standard acoustic ventilation solutions with sound attenuating vents, ventilation through the wall and ventilation through (sloping) roof.

On the other hand, you have the intensive acoustic ventilation solutions with sound attenuating and recessed window louvres with high attenuation and sound attenuating continuous louvre walls for shielding technical areas.

Master your acoustics

A professional team of DUCO engineers test the products extensively in their own acoustic lab. Nothing goes out the door without thorough quality control and extensive testing. Moreover, the products' installation details are fully in line with the market so that each product fits seamlessly into any building situation. This way, DUCO offers a sound-insulating solution for every project!

Find out all about acoustic ventilation

Large-scale campaign

To reinforce the message, DUCO is launching an international campaign (online and offline) to raise awareness of acoustic ventilation.

Info for the press: contact Daphne Mertens at +32 (0)58/33.00.33 or via e-mail to daphne.mertens@duco.eu.

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