DUCO goes for sustainability with vehicle fleet greening

DUCO goes for sustainability with vehicle fleet greening

By 2026, all commercial vehicles must be greenhouse-gas-free and traditional IC engines will be banned. With its slogan The Future is Green in mind, DUCO is anticipating by greening its fleet now rather than waiting for the deadline.

Green fleet in a green business

DUCO is committed to greening its entire vehicle fleet over time. The company has already spent 1.5 million euros recently replacing 30 diesel commercial vehicles with 100% electric units. DUCO’s fleet totals 90 commercial vehicles. DUCO representatives still drive hybrid cars at present. The switchover will take place gradually here too such that the entire fleet will be 100% electric.

Silent, environmentally friendly and low-maintenance

Driving an EV is not only more environmentally friendly because you don't emit CO2; since they are powered by an electric motor, EVs are also more efficient and cost less to maintain.

Dries Caulier, Facility Manager at DUCO: “Green commercial vehicles are not just good for the environment, they also require a lot less maintenance than their diesel-powered predecessors. Moreover, you drive in complete silence, which in times when ‘noise’ has become ubiquitous, is a welcome relief.”

Energy-efficient Load Balancing System

The new electric fleet is also accompanied by an investment in charging facilities. The car park now has as many as 25 double charging stations (50 charging points) that can be used by employees as well as customers and dealers. Here, a deliberate choice was made for aesthetic, sleek charging stations to match the style of the company building.

As many as 4861 solar panels with a capacity of 1,500 kWp are located on the roofs of DUCO’s company buildings. The power generated by the solar panels is fed into the 50 charging points. A suitable Load Balancing system is used to distribute the available solar power optimally according to the needs of the cars at the charging stations. An open system that could expand to include ‘weather forecast’ and ‘day-ahead’ pricing in the near future.

Dries explains: “This open system ensures that we will soon be able to carry out perfectly balanced charging. It charges the vehicles in the most favourable conditions. Accordingly, the weather forecast function waits for peak sunlight before charging. With the ‘day-ahead’ feature, the software waits before charging at times in the market when the power price is at its lowest.”

New step towards sustainable transition

By greening its fleet, DUCO is taking another important step towards sustainable transition and corporate responsibility. By introducing the EVs, the company is combating air and noise pollution, ensuring a greener future for all. Because The Future is Green.

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