Home of Oxygen gets new home

In order to provide the new office part of the DUCO building with an optimal indoor climate for the employees, no effort was spared. Numerous ventilation and shading techniques were carefully applied so that everyone can work in the best possible conditions.

Home of Oxygen gets new home

DUCO’s new offices also need all sorts of new technologies to ensure that the indoor climate is healthy and comfortable. Fortunately, we do not have to look very far for this. We have used a huge amount of our own technologies from our extensive product range to fit out our office building. And for the rest, we have used the most sustainable options available.

Home-grown solution

An open office space with dozens of employees each day. Large areas of glazing allow plenty of light, but on warm days can lead to overheating. This problem was one of the challenges tackled by DUCO's new offices in Veurne.

We found the solution by looking in our own box of tricks. The DucoSun Cubic Design is structural solar shading that can reach spans of up to 6 metres thanks to its highly slender form. The solar shading was used on both floors to guarantee an optimal indoor climate. The offices thereby receive a maximum amount of sunlight without the accompanying heat.

The combination of special surface structure and sleek design gives each building an impressive look For the DUCO head office we also opted for an installation with built-in LED strips. Just that little bit extra to get the company name noticed from the motorway.

The air quality in the building is regulated in two ways. The open plan office is equipped with various TronicVent window ventilators and DucoGrille solutions. The meeting rooms, however, are all connected to the DucoBox Energy Comfort and DucoBox Energy Premium systems. Together these technologies ensure that every square metre of the new building is comfortable for the employees.

New building, new chapter

Sustainability was chosen also outside the DUCO product range. The new office building works with a completely gas-free heating system that uses a ‘borehole thermal energy storage field’. No less than 145 boreholes of 110 metres depth are distributed throughout the surrounding land.

A refrigeration system extracts the heat from the ground during the winter and uses this to heat up the building. During the summer the temperatures in the ground are colder. This is then used to cool the building, thereby warming up the ground. This cycle is the key to the heating system.

This concept, in combination with concrete core conditioning, ensures that the temperature is comfortable at all times. If a brief intervention is necessary due to severe temperature fluctuations, then fan coil units are activated.

This all works together to ensure that a healthy and comfortable indoor climate is created for all DUCO employees throughout the year. This is a message that we stand behind 100%, and which certainly also has to be followed in the construction of our own home base.

The result speaks for itself. A hyper-modern open office, with a sleek look. And so a brand-new chapter for the Home of Oxygen begins.

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