DucoGrille Classic G 50HP

DucoGrille Classic G 50HP

The DucoGrille Classic 50HP and the DucoWall Classic 50HP systems have been developed especially for intensive ventilation. The resistance factor of both systems is exceptionally low which allows large quantities of air to be introduced into or removed from spaces, using only a limited surface. Visual free area amounts to 88%, physical free area 68%.

Technical features
Visual free area 88 %
Physical free area 68 %
K factor intake 4,7
K factor exhaust 4,55
Ce 0,46
Cd 0,47
Fitting Depth 62 mm
Blade pitch 50 mm
Frame flange 48 mm
Insect mesh (S= Standard / O= Optional)
Perforation P1
Perforation P2
SS insect mesh 2,3 x 2,3 mm S
SS bird mesh 6 x 6 mm O
SS bird mesh 20 x 20 x 0,5mm
Watertightness (with insect mesh)
v = 0 m-s C(92,3%)
v = 0,5 m-s C(89,80%)
v = 1 m-s C(86,5%)
v = 1,5 m-s D(79,7%)
v = 2 m-s D
v = 2,5 m-s D

DucoGrille Classic G 50HP

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