De Spakler - Amsterdam (NL)

De Spakler is a residential tower block with an EPC value of 0. The building is a pre-eminent example in terms of architectural construction with a focus on energy neutrality, which came about through a professional collaboration of several leading parties including Mecanoo, an architects’ firm, and DUCO. 

De Spakler - Amsterdam (NL)

The Netherlands’ first energy-neutral residential tower block boasts a distinct DUCO signature

Energy-neutral living is the building dream of the future. That dream has become a reality with De Spakler, a residential tower block in Amsterdam. This sample of craftsmanship with an EPC value of 0 is a prime example in terms of architectural construction with a focus on energy neutrality. This prestigious, 73-metre-high residential project with 160 rental apartments came about through a professional joint venture with several leading players including the architecture firm Mecanoo and DUCO.

These days the entire construction industry is being bombarded with ‘BENG’ [Dutch quasi-energy-neutral building requirements]. This is because, as from January 2020, strict energy requirements will apply to the construction industry requiring newbuild houses to be almost energy neutral. Clients Lingotto, APF International and property developers Hurks Vastgoedontwikkeling are also keenly aware of this. For their rather ambitious project, they therefore turned to Mecanoo, a firm of architects, who designed this residential project, the largest in the Amstel quarter.


The De Spakler residential tower block, built in 2017, is the first in the Netherlands to be completely BENG-proof. The building was erected in the Amstel quarter, which is undergoing a genuine transformation from a business area to a living and working area. This project showcases a fine example of climate-neutral architecture. A combination of several factors produced a result that the various parties can be proud of. Indeed, energy-efficient installations and high-quality insulation were used for this project. Furthermore, the façade and the roof are covered with PV panels that together extend over a surface area of 2,500 m².”

Ventilation specialist DUCO, which shares Mecanoo’s energy-efficient vision, was selected for the ventilation system. Like DUCO, this architectural firm sets great store by a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate.

The sky is the limit with DucoMax SR and SkyMax SR

“Helping achieve a building with an EPC of 0 was a challenge we were only too happy to take on,” states Hendrik Dejonghe, marketing manager at the ventilation company. After all, this project was conditional on this requirement. Contrary to the claims of many, mechanical ventilation made it perfectly possible to make De Spakler a success story.

The latter window ventilator was further perfected in our lab and features better seals as a result. This means the SkyMax ZR can easily be used for buildings boasting such heights. Both window ventilators are sound absorbing and achieve very beneficial energy performance. Using sandwich façade elements, the ventilation openings are not only concealed, but also give this structure a very distinctive look. After all, appearances matter too.”

Discover the benefits of acoustic ventilation

Relief from noise exposure

The DucoBox Silent was used to achieve efficient air extraction. This choice was made with the occupants in mind since this mechanical ventilation box ensures optimum air quality in every room by extracting stale and moisture-laden air extremely quietly. Its compact dimensions were the deciding factor in choosing the DucoBox Silent.

Thanks to the window ventilators and mechanical ventilation system, even occupants in the uppermost floor can enjoy the optimum indoor climate. “Our craftsmanship and Mecanoo architects' professional approach are the ingredients that led to a successful recipe. We can be proud of this achievement brought about by a collaborative effort.” Mr Dejonghe concludes.


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