Student accommodation prioritizes safety and fresh air with DUCO Barrier Load Louvres

The Pastures, a modern student accommodation in Colchester, prioritizes safety and comfort with DUCO Barrier Load Louvres. These louvres provide optimal airflow and eliminate the risk of falling from height, ensuring a well-ventilated living environment for students.

Student accommodation prioritizes safety and fresh air with DUCO Barrier Load Louvres


The Pastures, a modern student accommodation located opposite the University of Essex campus in Colchester, serves as an exemplary model of integrating comfort, convenience, and advanced design for student living. Developed by Uliving in partnership with Bouygues and the University of Essex, this project underscores the commitment to student well-being through innovative building solutions.

Project Overview

The Pastures was designed with a clear emphasis on safety and comfort for its student residents. One of the critical components of this design is the incorporation of DUCO Barrier Load Louvres, provided by Sapphire Louvres. These louvres have been installed in various areas of the accommodation, including bedrooms, living spaces, and communal areas, allowing for full inward opening of windows. This design not only facilitates optimal airflow but also ensures the safety of students by eliminating the risk of falling from height.

Technical Specifications

DUCO Barrier Load Louvres are rigorously tested to comply with BS6180 (Category X), ensuring both safety and performance. These louvres come in 30° and 45° blade angles, with multiple frame options, including a secret fix. This range provides flexibility and reliability, making it a prudent choice for future student accommodation projects.

Benefits and Implications

For building owners and developers, the DUCO Barrier Load Louvres offer peace of mind, knowing that the safety standards are upheld and the performance of the product is assured. For students, these louvres contribute to a well-ventilated living environment, allowing them to focus on their academic pursuits without concerns about their living conditions.


The implementation of DUCO Barrier Load Louvres at The Pastures demonstrates a thoughtful approach to student accommodation design. By prioritizing safety and comfort through innovative ventilation solutions, this project sets a benchmark for future developments in the sector.

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