Barrier Load Louvres

Barrier Load Louvres protect people from falling through open windows in high-rise applications, such as student housing, retail and commercial buildings.


They are barrier load approved and impact resistant tested and available in various frame options to suit glazing systems. Choose from several blade, angle and pitch options.

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Barrier Load Louvres have several advantages such as fall protection for open windows at great heights and intensive ventilation of the rooms inside the building. At the same time, the blades provide solar shading while blocking out the sun's rays and heat without loss of daylight.

In addition to these functions, DUCO Barrier Load Louvres also provide an architectural aspect to the facade. This type of louvres is prominently used in student accomodation, but can be adapted to suit any project.  

  • Several blade angles: 45° and 3°
  • BS 6180 Barrier Load approved
  • Impact Resistant Tested to EN 13049 (pending)
  • Several framing options: Luxframe or SlimFrame
  • Bespoke sizes to suit all projects with calculations carried out by our teams
Residential buidling with DUCO Barrier Load Louvres front view Open window with DUCO Barrier Load Louvres for ventilation, solar shading and fall protection


Do you have a specific project in mind? Get in touch with our advisors. We are happy to guide you through the process of choosing and implementing DUCO ventilation and solar shading solutions.

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