Company Vision

Today DUCO is a leading European producer of ventilation and solar shading systems which create naturally a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate.

Company Vision

Residential buildings and non-residential buildings demand a different approach. This is why it was decided to let both companies operate, specialise and expand independently: Vero DUCO for the residential sector and DUCO Projects for the non-residential sector.


Innovation, marketing and quality production as shining examples

DUCO regards communication and promotion as an essential aspect of sound business operations. This is why there is continuous investment in all available resources, which allow DUCO to realise professional support and extensive communication.


Also, a further investment in its own R&D department will create new opportunities in future. The market is constantly evolving thanks to the rapidly changing environmental and energy legislation and it is essential, first of all, to develop sound energy-efficient solutions for the customer.  DUCO also invested in an acoustic laboratory for the development of sound absorbing ventilation louvres. These enable natural ventilation in very noisy environments (stations, airports, city centres,…).


Production has been automated to the full and takes place entirely within the company. A fully-equipped production hall ensures that everything, from start to finish, is produced and controlled within DUCO. This is conducive to the high quality of the end products supplied.


More than 90% of DUCO's products are exported to 22 other European countries, with the Netherlands being the most important customer.


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